About Me

Alex Shabu is an Entrepreneur and a Digital Marketer who aim to build Successful online business for himself and others through his Digital Marketing Agency.

He started his online career in 2012 when he was gifted with a computer. When he was a child he used to love games and he ran out of money to buy more games.

It was at this time when he would look for ways to make money online. He came across many online scams and then he came to know about blogging.  He started his first blog on blogger and tried many other platforms like WordPress.

From 2012 to 2015 with the help of online articles and website he learned coding, SEO, marketing and basically how the online money making system works.

On 27/05/2015 he registered his first domain name with the help of his supportive mother and moved from the free services to paid services and failed at starting several online businesses. The first year he just made like 7$ from Adsense but he knew he could make money online.


In 2016 he bought a SaaS product which was made by his online friend for just 30$ and there were many competitors for this same SaaS product but unknowingly he just went on with it and Invested his whole time to make this product a success. He spied on his competitor to learn how they were ranking on Google so high and was making lots of money. He used a tool called SEMrush to find out the backlinks of his competitor and as he knew HTML he viewed the source code of his online competitor and viewed how the on-page was optimized. He Spends mostly every day on this website for Link building optimizing and testing and by the end of 2016, he made around 2000$.
The year 2017 was life-changing for him as he invested all his money back into the business Investing in new SaaS applications. The SaaS model was generating money through Adsense as he lacked the resource of advanced developers. He made his SaaS application a huge success as the app reached 1 million yearly users and generated around 11,400$ plus at this time he was also working for his clients to make their business a success.
During this time he never saved any money but went all into the business and it grew and kept growing every day. The resources that he builds during this time was used to help other Small business who came to consult him. In 2017 he hired three more people to his team and started PBN Master which is agency dedicated to Link Building using Private Blog network. Later that year the business grew apart from Adsense revenue he was generating money for Seo Consultation. He went all in and started a Digital Marketing Agency adding nine more people to the team.