How to add Adsense Code to WordPresss Website?

In this guide I will help you to add adsense code to wordpress website using a plugin. So The reason i am using a plugin to install adsense code is because there are many reasons for it.

The main problem is that when you add the code individually to each page you can’t change the adcode easily from each page when you want to change it later.

Trust me this will happen to you and make sure you use a wordpress plugin to add adsense code to your website.

1. Install Ad Inserter plugin

First you have to do is login to your wordpress dashboard and go to plugin and click on add new plugin then search for a plugin called Ad Inserter. Now install and activate this plugin.


2. Goto Ad Inserter Dashboard

After you install and activate this plugin you will need to go to setting in your wordpress dashboard where you will find WP Inserter. Click on this and it will take you to ad inserter dashboard where you can add the code

The Ad inserter dashboard will look something like this with different blocks for you to place the ads.



3. Get Adsense Code

Now go to your approved google adsense account and generate the adsense code by navigating to “My Ads” now if you haven’t created an ad unit just create any ad type code but if you have already made and ad using scroll to that ad unit and click on “get code”. Now a window with adcode will open up.

Now what you have to do is copy this code and go to your adinserter dashboard and paste it on that blank dark space and below the black space where you pasted the ad you can customize where you can show the add now choose as you like and click on “Save All changes”.

Sometimes it might take some days to start showing ads or if it doesn’t show up make sure to leave a comment explaining your problem i will be happy to help you.


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