The Beginning of

My name is Alex Shabu and i have an aim behind starting this website . I started Internet Marketing in the year 2014 and till now i have been experimenting with things like SEO, Internet Marketing, website flipping domain reselling.

In the past years i have started many niche site and made 7 figures from Amazon affiliate and adsense together. I posted my income report on facebook once and One of my friend online seeing this asked me to teach him how to do this and following many request came that day but from this a special request from a person struck my heart a lot he said “He need to support his family and wanted to learn how to make money online and he was studying so his parents wont allow him to go for a job and it was really hard to find a job at 18 (in india)” . This was my situation three years ago and i really wanted to help that person but at that moment it was not possible because i had something more important but after some months i remembered this So i thought about it and came up with an idea to provide free and basic education for everyone who need to make money online.

I cannot provide everything for free because the resource and running a website costs a lot when there are more people to it so i will be giving the basic knowledge for you to get started. So if you think you can do it (you can definitely do it) and you are passionate to do this i will guide you and help you to take this to an extra level.

My plan is to provide courses, guides and consultation with the basic education and resources to get started.