Hostgator Review – Pros & Cons of Hostgator Web Hosting

This is a complete Hostgator Review of every service that I have tested with them over the past three years.  This the review of and not word for = Worst ).
This detailed review on Hostgator which will include Shared Web hosting, Cloud Hosting,WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Vps and Dedicated Hosting Review.

This is not a paid or sponsored review and if the service is bad I will make sure that I mention it in this review on HostGator web hosting

Shared Web Hosting Review

Hostgator Shared Web Hosting is something that I was using from the day I was fed up with GoDaddy Shared Hosting. The first web hosting that I ever bought was GoDaddy but I would say their shared hosting is really worse because they claim a lot and give less.

I know the fact that you get what you paid for but that situation was much worse than that. I would say they are good as a domain name provider and I currently have more than sixty domain hosted by them.
After the dreadful experience with Godaddy, I moved to Hostgator shared web hosting and trust me I was never disappointed. They could handle my multiple website and traffic to the website.

I hosted about 12 domain and each domain was receiving about thousand page views per day which makes it 12000 page views per day and they could easily handle this with distributed traffic at multiple hours of the day.
One day my traffic started increasing and I got 500 error page because I was using Hostgator resource in excess. The problem was not Hostgator but it was me.

My website started to grow and it was time for me to move to a better hosting so I tried VPS cloud hosting from DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, google cloud, Amazon aws, and CloudCone.
The problem was that all this cloud (This word just simply mean ability to scale) hosting providers are unmanaged web hosting providers that mean I will have to

install the Specific os on the server using the command line
managed server security (which means I can’t put the blame on hosting company when I get hacked)
install WordPress Myself
Manage security of WordPress
Solve the server issues
Mostly I will have to manage everything myself. I am not a server admin and I need web hosting and no problems so I moved to Managed Cloud Hosting and I tried many web hosting and Hostgator Cloud Hosting was one of them.

Cloud Hosting Review

Hostgator Cloud is what they claim to be but they shouldn’t call Hostgator Cloud to be Cloud because cloud should be something that is easy to scale when needed. Something that is real cloud would look like google cloud and Amazon aws.
Forget about that let me give you information about Hostgator Cloud. The hosting is 2x faster than shared hosting and gives you much better resources than a shared hosting.
I think they are using Fast SSD in their server storage instead of slow HDD storage which makes the Hostgator Cloud faster. They claim to use multiple caching layers to decrease the load time of website.
They say that its 4x scaleable but its not scaleable as you think it is but you should know that this hosting definately can handle traffic and they are better than any other hosting provider in the market.

WordPress Hosting Review

WordPress hosting is specially designed for website that are build on wordpress and they are limiting based on page views and not based on bandwidth. They allow you to take enough bandwidth for your website.
You can take bakup of your website and restore it from the dashboard yep its simple as that. They are comparing themself to WPengine which is not a right thing to do because WPengine is for professionals and Hostgator is for budding websites.

Reseller Hosting Review

Trust me i even tried the reseller hosting because i am running a web hosting company which provides web hosting to the users at affordable price.
I should say one thing Hostgator reseller hosting is not provided by Hostgator but its is provided by CyrusOne. Hostgator is doing a good job hear by making the reseller hosting 100% white labeled.
You guys should try this out because server quality is awesome and the only limitation is the bandwidth. This hosting can definately handle 10k live users ever minute. if you want to host high traffic website make sure you try this out once.

VPS Review

Let me start by saying this Hostgator VPS is really shitty one and over priced. There is nothing more to say peace out. Okey i will explain in detail.
2 GB ram at 40$ per month ? W.T.F hostgator wtf you think we have money printing machine at our home?
Trust me guys you can get 2 GB ram from Digitalocean, vultr with better server for 15$ per month
512 mb ram = 5$
1 gb ram = 10$
2 gb ram = 20$

Trust me guys this server by digitalocean is pretty good and mostly 100% better than hostgator VPS (The money sucking offer)

Dedicated Hosting Review

The pricing is complete bullshit because “ioflood” can give you 48 GB ram dedciacated server for 139$ but Hostgator just gives you 8gb ram for 119$
IOflood     = 139$ = 48gb Ram
Hostgator = 119$ = 8gb Ram (LOL 8gb ram is what we use for virtual machines)
I am not a fan of hostgator dedicated server and vps because its over price and money sucky.
I would tell you the real facts because i don’t care if hostgator pays me their affiliate comission or not still i am only gonna say the truth which is they are good for some service they offer and they are not good for some others.

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