How to Increase Adsense Earning?

If you are looking for effective methods to Increase Adsense Earning then this is an Advanced and Effective Guide for Beginners to Increase Adsense Earning from your website.

To learn how to increase adsense earning from your blog you will have to learn how the adwords and adsense system works and how you are getting paid.

Get Traffic from Tier 1 County

The first thing you have to understand is that  traffic from tier 1 country which is US, canada, Australia and UK are considered to be of high value because the cost of living and expenditure are high in this country and advertisers needs traffic from this country to get people buying their product.

Advertisers are most likely to pay more money to get a click on their ads and this will help you to earn much higher money when you are getting traffic from tier 1 country.

Make Content for High CPC Keywords

So CPC means cost per click which you would have already known by this time or maybe not. There are some keywords on the internet for which there are less searches but if you are creating content for that and getting traffic you will have high cpc rate when someone clicks on the adsense ads.

It is not easy to find this keywords but trust me if you can find one and rank for it on google then its your lucky time because a single click on your ads can make you upto 1000$. This high cpc depends on what the advertiser is ready to pay for the keyword.

Increase Click Through Rate(CTR)

So right now if you go to your adsense account and check the CTR it might be below 1 or 2 percentage right now your aim should be how to increase the number of click on the ads that are being shown.

So as you might be earning from website what you have to do is check your adsense placements and see if your ads can be seen by users.

Let me give you a secret tip “Link ads” are the best ads that you can make money with because average internet users click on link ads than a normal square or responsive ad because do you know why?

They are not coming to your blog or videos to see ads but for the content inside it but like the above average internet users like us, an average internet users doesn’t know that what you have shown on your website is ad or content.

Try Create link ads by going to your adsense account by creating an ad unit. Make sure your ad unit is link ads and place it on your website.

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Get More Traffic

Do you know the biggest disadvantage of making money from adsense?

You need a lot of traffic like a lots and lots of traffic. Many of my free SaaS product is monetized using adsense and trust me it needed millions of traffic to make money from the adsense but when we where doing affiliate marketing it was much better and less traffic would make more money.

So if you need to increase your adsense earning what you have to do is increase your traffic to your blog you can do this by creating more content, sharing content and ranking for high volume search keywords.

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