Link Building Guide with Strategy, Techniques & Beginners Tutorial

SEO is all about content creation and Link building. Link building is an expert skill that is acquired in time. Link Building is one of the most popular topics and discussed one in the category of SEO. Over the past years, I have learned some link building techniques and strategies that help you to rank on Google.

For you, Starters in SEO I will write everything from simple link building methods & strategies to Advanced ones. Only move to the advanced link building once you have finished with the simple link building techniques.

The reason is that Simple link Building is affordable mostly everyone and Advanced Link building is expensive because of the quality links that you will be gaining.

Before reading this you just have to understand “EVERY LINK BUILDING TECHNIQUE WORKS” you just have to know how to properly implement it and Link building is a never-ending process.

Simple Link Building Methods & Strategies

These are the most simple link building methods that you can either do yourself or hire someone to do it from services like Fiverr or Seoclerks.

Comment Links

You can build comment links to the web page that you want to rank on google by just visiting the websites in your niche. you can watch the video down below to learn how to build comment links.

Comment links can be of do-follow or no-follow links mostly it will be a no-follow link. There has been some myth about no-follow link among the new Search engine optimizers.

Some say no-follow links have no value while the other says it has great value. The real Fact that you have to know is that no-follow links will help you to rank.

Don’t trust me? Well build a small niche site and try to rank it with 100% no-follow comment backlinks. If you do it properly and slowly you will see a great result.

If you are lazy you can go to Fiverr or Seoclerks and buy comment links. When you buy comment links make sure you don’t buy big packages that claim thousands of links because that will hurt your website a lot.

Only buy packages that give you 100 links, 10 links or something below thousand links because this is more secure than the one that gives you millions of backlinks in just one day.

Some of you might be thinking “won’t google penalize the website if we build 1000 links in a day?”. Well, do you think that all the 1000 links will be indexed by Google on the same day?

Nope, it will never happen because the links you are getting are from authority pages so it will take one to three months to get indexed.

Profile Links

Profile links are backlinks that you will get when you create an account in some forum or when you guest post on some other blogs. You can create profile links from some authority websites which you can find by googling.

You might think why profile links are great. The reason is that when your links start appearing in the blog post of another blog. Google might notice that you are an active author and this will be great.

I only suggest you do this yourself because hiring someone else will put you in trouble. Well, you will have to obviously create quality ones.

Forum Links

Forum Links are also a great way to link building but when you build links from a forum you will have to keep this as an aim which is “DRIVE TRAFFIC” from forum links to your website.

You can go to Quora, warrior forum, and many other forum and answer the question related to your website and leave a link to your website this will definitely drive traffic to your website.

If you are smart enough you can easily convert this traffic into leads. I will suggest you to hire a professional who does this manually and not by using a bot.

Guest Post

Guest post means you are writing and publishing your knowledge on another blog which is owned by a completely different person. When writing the post you will link to the blog post from your website or your client’s website to rank it in the search engine.

Here what you are doing is giving the guest post website a quality content and in return, you will get a quality link from a website which will stay on that blog till the blog dies.

Inter Linking

Interlinking means you will link to other blog posts from another blog post on your same blog or website. This has many qualities which are increasing traffic, decreasing bounce rate you can also convert this traffic into leads.

You might think this as not worthy thing to do but trust me this can definitely increase your page views and also boost the SEO of the web pages.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is nothing but the second version of the web world. Before there was static website but after that, the second version of web begins which is dynamic content (this just means that the content change when you change it in single place)

There are some website which is included in this list such as, and if you need to find more just google “List of Web 2.0 websites”.

What you have to do here is that register here and create blogs which are free to do and write blog post and link to the website or content that you need to rank.

Web Directories

Trust me, guys, web directories are highly powerful because when I had nothing and was just starting in SEO I tried Web directories links.

They just boost me in the SERP and that niche site which I ranked made me over 200$ per month in 2013. I tried this same in 2017 for my new website just to see if this still works and I found that it works.

If you need to learn how to build links from web directories watch this video down below.

Advanced Link Building Methods & Strategies

This is some SEO technique that is advanced and I can guarantee you page 1 ranking this is also something that i am using to rank my niche sites.

Scholarship Links

Scholarship links are really powerful as you are getting links from the authority .edu website. Google treats all domains as the same but .edu website has high authority because they have quality backlinks.

You must be thinking how to build it.

First, you will have to Run a campaign and send to the educational institution that you are running a scholarship campaign.For the students to participate in the campaign the students will have to submit a 1000 word article on the given topic that should be unique and not used anywhere else.

One of the winners will be given 1000$ and when you send the educational institution to send them to write about this campaign on their blog and link to your scholarship page.

You will get authority links from the educational website and also get lots of unique articles that you can use on your pbn sites (if you don’t know what a pbn is. don’t worry I will teach you right after this topic).

The Advantage of doing this is that

  • You will get thousands of quality content written by native English speakers
  • You will get Well written content for cheap price
  • You will get Links that have quality
  • You can save lots of money

Private Blog Networks

Private blog networks are just a network of blogs that are designed just for the purpose of link building to the money site. the private blog network is a huge topic and has to be explained a lot.

You can build pbn yourself or you can hire some professional services to do it. I wouldn’t suggest you do the job because if you don’t know how to properly do it you will mess up every penny that you invest in this. Let the professionals do the job.

I have about more than 5k blog network together and we have a team of people to do this job recently I started private blog network services for the public to buy PBN links as it was the most powerful method of all link building techniques.

The Service that I started is called “PBN Master” we provide pbn links that helps our customers to rank. we have about 13 people working for Pbn Master for content writing, Link Building and for every SEO service that our customers need.

Multi Blog 301

Blog 301 is a Link building technique where we build 3 websites on the same topic with the same blog post but the money site should be the one which posts the article and gets it indexed by Google. So when you create the clone blogs Google knows that the original content is written by the first money site.

The second and Third Blog should be launched with a 1-week difference in time. After launching the three blog the money site should only have quality backlinks. The Second blog’s blog post should be build links with comment backlinks ranging from 100 to 400 comment links.

The third blog should also be done in the same way as the second one. After the bulk build comment, links are indexed The third blog should perform a 301 redirect to the second blog and the second blog should 301 to the first blog.

There will be three blogs. They are Money site, Second blog, Third Blog

Perform the 301 (permanent redirect like this)

Third blog 301-> Second Blog 301 -> Money Site

Trust me I ranked a niche site using this method and that website is making over 1000$ per month.

Short Links

Short Links are just services like, and other URL shortening links which are owned by authority website what we do is create a short link of the blog post, website or the content you need to rank and create backlinks to the short links.

You can create comment links or any types of links to short links. I have seen people rank short links in the google serps before. Now its rare to see this as Google algorithm got smarter.

Expired Domain 301

Expired domain 301 is a technique of finding expired domain using scraping tools. This expired domain that has lots of backlinks so these domains will have power in the world of SEO. Instead of building a blog using this you can 301 this domain to your new blog/ blog post to rank it on google.

Tiered Link Building

Tiered Link building can include everything that is mentioned above. It is a step by step link building to your money site, Tier 1 links, Tier 2 links making your backlinks more powerful.

Tier 1 links can be Quality PBN links, Comment Links, Guest Post

Tier 2 links which are links that will be pointed to Tier 1 links can be any type of links

Tier 3 links are mostly Comment links and links that can be made fastly to tier 2 links with the help of tools like GSA, SENuke, Scrapebox.

Canonical url links

Did you know that if your website canonical url is and you change that to their page will rank for your keywords?

well I hope you can tweak this knowledge to rank your website on google.

Javascript Redirect links

Javascript redirect links will look something like this.

window.location = “”;

Well, javascript redirect script is a little code that helps you to redirect your web page to a new url. So if you have a pbn website which you would like to do a javascript redirect you can try it out.

javascript redirect links are powerful enought to rank your website. so what you should do is that do is make tier 2 links to your blog and make teir 3 links to tier 2 links.

After this you will have to add this javascript on your tier 2 links and this will help you in ranking.


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