How to Make Money Blogging?

Here are some ways that pro bloggers makes money from their blogs. Even you can do it too so what are you waiting for? Read this complete guide for beginners on How to Make money from your blog.

Ways to Make money blogging

So before getting to that part i just want you to know making money from a blog is not an easy one click thing that you can launch your blog today and start making money online. In some blog niche it may take months before you actually start making some money.


So I earned my first 100$ from advertisement on my blog using google adsense but it was way back. The problem with Google adsense is that you need at least 1 million page views to make enough money from the website.

There are also other adnetwork like RevenueHits, popads which helps you to make money from the blog but the main problem is that you need a ton lots of traffic to you blog.

There is also other ways to make money from your blog is by asking product companies if they would like to promote their product by placing ads on your website sidebar, beginning or end of blog post and this is a really great way to make money.

There is a disadvantage for this is that the maximum amount of money that you can make from an ad like this would be like $2000 but if you signup as an affiliate of the product and promote it using the same method which is advertising on the sidebar and post you can easily make up to $6000.


This is not something that you can get easily because you will have to make your blog at the craziest level of awesomeness. You will have to do thing like creating an audience, community, email list to make sure you have enough people as your fans to promote the products that will be offered by the sponsors but sometimes the sponsorship can be just to show their name on your blog to increase their brand awareness.

Guest Post

If your blog is really great one people will start to get to you for guest posting on your website mostly to build backlinks to their website. At this time you can ask them to pay to guest post on your website to get a backlink to their website and introducing them to your audience network.

Once your blog start ranking on google or when you start building an audience some brands will notice this and they will come to you for paid promotion of their product. This will help you to make lot of money and also will increase your network worth by connecting with cool companies who will be ready to pay you and promote their products and services on your blog.

So you must be thinking how to get to these brands to promote their products and get paid by them .There are so many ways to do it.

The one way I do this is by ranking for keywords that brings sales to their product and out ranking them. After I outrank them i will contact them and ask them if they would like to pay me and offer the products to my users.

When you contact them make sure that you include their competitors name and just highlight that if they are not interested for a paid promotion you will be doing it for their competitors. There is a huge chance that you will get a paid promotion from them.

Product Sales

This is the best way to make money from the blog because right now I am doing this with a blog and it can also work even if you don’t have a blog but an audience that thrive for your product.

The products can be ebook, courses, themes or anything that can be sold through any digital medium.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is great because you can make money promoting others product the best thing about this is that you don’t have to take care of the customers by giving them support and spending time to resolve their problems.

Well if you haven’t done a single customer support till now maybe you need to try it out because its not really a thing that makes you happy because dealing with customers and making them happy can drain lot of your energy because mostly you have to deal with solving problem.

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When you have a loyal community and people who loves your blog and content they will be eager to meet you and learn from you. Well, in this case what you can do is host and event and sell tickets to this where you and other experts will be educating and helping your users to learn and grow along with you.

You can make enough money from a single event if you have enough number of users. In this even you can also promote your product and services and maybe even increase your reach to more users and can sometimes increase loyalty and trust from the user which will help you in may ways.


There are two kinds of readers for your blog the first category is the people who can’t afford to hire you to do the job and second one is the people who has a business and have enough money to scale the business and do not have anyone to do it for them in this case you can offer your information for free on the blog but the people who owns a business will come to you for consulting to grow their business and through this process you can help the business reach their goal which will help to make a lots of money.┬áIf you need consulting from me you can hire me to boost your business.

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