How to Make Money Online?

If you are looking ways to Make money online then this complete guide is for you. I have categorized the ways to make money online based on the difficulty. There will be three categories which will be easy, medium and hard.

Before starting this guide I will ask you to understand the basic of making money online which is “TRAFFIC = MONEY”. If you are serious on making money online read this complete guide and don’t move till you complete.

The easy methods will help you to make money fast and easy but the payout will be really low. If you are a person who is looking to make quick cash then this will help you to only make around five to ten dollars per year.

The medium difficulty methods will take a bit of time but the payout will be a little high. This will earn you around hundred dollar or less until you work really hard.

Recommended Methods: The High difficulty methods will take time but the payout will be really high you can expect around 10,000$ monthly income. If you are a person who love to sit in front of a computer and learn how the internet works and passionate to do the same will end up making a lot of money.

I will be sorting from hardest to easiest ways because the easy way methods on the internet are scams and i wouldn’t recommend you to do it.

Hardest & High Paying Ways to Make Money Online

These are some ways that works really high and sometimes can make you millions of money if you are ready to work for it. I am not promising you money but i am showing you the right way to do it. These are not some scams but real legit ways to make money online.

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog is the most easiest thing that you can do. If you don’t know what a blog is then don’t worry i will tell you in simple words. This content that you are currently reading is a blog post and this website is a blog.

If you need to start a blog then its easy but to make money from the blog its difficult but i didn’t say its not possible. Yes if you know how to read and write then you can make money too like me.

In 2017 alone i made over 11,000$ from adsense but to make money from adsense you need a blog. You will need investment to start a blog. It will cost like 150$ per year or less to start your own blog. Don’t worry about the investment that you will be doing in this.

The reason is that if you are looking for good money then you will need an investment right here your investment is starting a blog. Read this guide on How to start a blog and make money.

Web Developer

Can you write code? Make web apps? Do you know programming languages like html, css, java script, ruby, python, java or anything programming language that can make web apps?

Then even i would hire you to work for me. Being a web developer can make you lots of money.

If you are under 21 then i suggest you to start learning a programming language now and get expert in it by the age of 23. Well age doesn’t matter just do it if you will love it.

If you think you have became good as a programmer? then Go to and sign up as a Freelancer after this you can start working on projects given by others.

Graphics Designer

If you are a graphics designer or if you love to make graphical content using photoshop, illustrator or similar tools then you can find a  lot of jobs on all you have to do is signup with fiverr and post a gig(it is like a service offers by you to the buyers) that you can sell.

People from all over the world looks for people who can do great design even i am looking for good designers. If your passion is being a designer and you have got some crazy good skills to design attractive deigns you can make a lot money online by offering your skills to thers.

Online Dropshipping store

Like starting a blog needs investment starting an online store needs more investment. If you are a person who can invest 1000$ per month then you can make upto 20,000$ per month if you know how to do it.

So what is dropshipping? Well let me tell you in simple ways so you must know that things from china is of low quality and low price.

Think about this a product has 1$ in china but the appearance and quality is great for that product. What about selling this product in united states, united kingdom and australia for 15$?  What would your profit be?

Got the idea right?  So Dropshipping just means that selling products online without having the product stored by us in a warehouse or inventory.

Read Guide on : How to start a Dropshipping Store?

Affiliate Marketing

You guys must be thinking what is affiliate marketing. Let me explain it to you in simple words. Some of you might not have a product to sell to the people who visits your website but there are so many products online that you can promote to your website visitors.

Affiliate marketing is a way by which you can make money promoting the product of others. So how does this work? Well when you signup as an affiliate of a product you will get a unique link which you can promote to make money.

So when someone clicks the link you promoted through your blog or ad buys the product you will get commission. Bloggers around the world make thousands of dollars per month just from affiliate marketing.

Read More on  Affiliate Marketing

Medium Difficulty Ways to Make Money Online

These are the easiest way to make money online and some legit ways to make money but you should have an mindset to invest and have a smart thinking to reap a lot of money.

Buying and Selling Domain Names

Did you know that domain was sold for $35.6 million? How much do think the first person bought it for? Definitely for less than $20 because that is what the maximum price of a domain will be. If you have more money to invest then what you should do is buy eye catchy ordinary domains.

My old expired domain which i acquired at price $15 is now priced at $2295. Well people are obsessed with the fancy things that they can acquire. Now a days eye catchy memorable domain are in high demand.

You can try your luck in buying and selling domain sometimes you might end up making lots of money.

Buying and Selling Website

Well like domains people buy the website which generates income so let’s say if you website is generating an income of $100 per month. How much do you think it can be sold for? If you are selling your website on in auction it might reach up to $1200 or maybe even more.

I have seen website that generates $40,000 per month being sold out for $600,000. Well that’s huge but trust me it did happen.

Right now you guys must be thinking of this as impossible but trust me if you are ready to work hard on the internet then you will get money like rain.

Fiverr Gig

Fiverr Gig is just a service offered by you on

What is Fiverr?

It is a digital market place where you can buy and sell digital services. If you need to know more you can go to the website to learn more about it. Make sure you give offer good service in this website and also ask your buyers to leave a review when they buy so you will gain trust in the fiverr search.

Facebook & Instagram pages

Do you have an instagram of facebook page with thousands of likes and followers? You can start a blog and write content on your blog and share the blog post to your facebook instagram audience and make money from adsense.

There are many other ways to you can make money as an influencer if your personal page, instagram or blog has audience. you can promote products to them and make sales to gain affiliate commission.

Easy & Fast Ways to Make Money Online

Online surveys

Data is the oil of the internet that means when you come into the world of internet analyzable data means world to the advertising agency. There are many website on the internet where you can do online surveys to help the companies learn about the people.

I did a little bit research on this and trust me this is one of the online scams which is happening around. I suggest you not to do this.

what you have to do is answer the questions asked in the website and you will get cash back. What is actually happening here is that. These website will use your data to make more money. So i suggest not to fall for any of these scams that really don’t help you to make money.

App Reviews & Downloading

There are so many website in the market which pays you to download app and review them. One of the app i know is Chamcash.

What you have to do is install campcash app and download the app mentioned the champcash app and use it for three days after this you will have to go to google play store and wirte a review on the app.

After writing the reviews the app will verify it and give you coupon and credits which you can use as money.


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