On-Page SEO Guide in 2018

On-Page seo is the most powerful and it will help you to rank faster and higher in the search results when you optimize it in the right way. This is a complete on-page seo guide to optimize your web pages perfectly for seo.

As you might have noticed this guide is an in-depth content on on-page seo. This guide will help you to optimize your website and you will also get special check list which i personally use to optimize the web pages along with that you will also get some safe grey hat on-page seo techniques.

Keyword in Title

Having keywords first in the title tag will help you to get better ranking on google. As the title of your content starts with the main keyword this will help search engine to identify what the content of your page is about.

You don’t have to stress on this because sometimes its better to end the title with the keyword and that can still work.

If you are using wordpress for your website then your heading and title will be same as default. You can use Yoast Seo plugin for your wordpress website and change this. So you can keep the title and the heading different.

Keyword in Meta description

Many might say keywords in meta description are not that important as it is for the user to know the details for the web page is about.

Well, that true

But Always try to write meta description in a way which makes the content of your web page understandable by the user along with keyword.

This will surely help you because when the user search the keyword google will bold the keyword in the meta description which will make your website looks much attractable to the user.

Keywords Meta Tags

Many says that this factor is long gone and most of the wordpress seo plugin doesn’t have this function  and most of the seo experts says the google won’t take meta keywords as an seo factor.

Now lets look at the website of parent company of google which is alphabet their website is abc.xyz

I went to their website and viewed their source code and found that they are using meta keywords in their description and I am pretty sure that the guy who make this is from google and they know how their algorithm works.

You can also see that they have other keywords related to their company like “Technology investment, Investment group, Holding company, Parent company”

After they launched this website and when they announced about this parent company I was around.

I googled the keyword “Technology Investment” and I saw this website was ranking for this keyword and I searched others too for some of the keywords they where ranking and for others they didn’t rank.

After few days I searched the same keyword but i didn’t found them anywhere but after some more days they where ranking.

As you know there are many ranking factors that determines the website ranking but from the past three years experimenting with seo I understood that they do not take all ranking factor at the same time to rank a website.

They only consider 10 factors at a time when ranking a website and the other fact is that this factor consideration changes constantly and its not by days but they changes every hour.

You will understand this when you check the keywords manually.

I know about this because for the past three year I have tracked a single keyword manually and this is what i could understand.

Canonical url tags

This tags are really important and if you know how to use them properly for link building you can rank your website faster.

If you are using wordpress then don’t worry about this because as you might have installed an seo plugin like yoast or all in one seo and they will take care of the rest for you. If you didn’t know canonical url can be used to rank website and to pass link juice then now you know it can be done.

Let’s take for example your PBN website http://pbnsite.com/your-content/ has some good backlinks and it started to rank better than your money site then what you have to do is activate the advanced setting in the yoast plugin and change the canonical url of the pbn which look like this

<link rel=”canonical” href=”http://pbnsite.com/your-content/”>


<link rel=”canonical” href=”http://moneysite.com/your-content/”>

Now content on your money site will start ranking and your pbn ranking will go down which will help you to save the privacy of your pbn.

Social Media Meta tags

Social media meta tags are useful when you share a url on social media like facebook and twitter the content will be shown with an image, title of the post and with a little description of the post.

This is really a great thing because you can get traffic from social media and this would definitely help in seo because i have head that Google only loves you when the users love you and that is true and the traffic from social media will help you.

Keywords in the first paragraph

Every time i write a content i make sure that the keywords that the page needs to be ranked will be added in the first paragraph of the page.

The main reason is that when google crawls the website and they will find you have added this specific keyword in the first paragraph of the page. This will give them the signal what your page is about.

The second reason is that if you don’t add a custom meta description the first paragraph of the content will be shown in the serp and sometime this might change.

Related Keyword in sub heading

Added related keywords as subheading will help to increase the ranking because this will help google to understand what the content is about.

Trust me I have seen my competitor rank just using heading in the web page. It was crazy when i saw his website content is made just with heading tags and the page was ranking for all possible keywords related to that niche.

yes there wasn’t a single paragraph on this website but he would use h2, h3 and h4 tags all over his website and then he would decrease the site of the heading using css and i was really shocked to see him ranking like that.

After this I tried this same method for one of my website and it ranked and I could understand only one thing which is google looks at the heading and sub heading to understand what the content is about.

Link to authority content

Linking to authority content which is related to what you are posting will help to increase ranking but don’t be stupid like I was by to link to your competitor to get ranking but make sure you link to wikipedia or website similar.

Make sure you give a no follow links and not a do follow link because that might prevent you from getting the rank that you deserve after link building process.

I am not well sure about this but try it out and find it for your self.

Link to relevant content

When you write a blog post make sure you link to relevant content this will help the user to get more information also allows the google bot to crawl the web.

In a study has it has found that the website that ranks on the top 10 has linked to an external source and yes i did a little bit research on this and found it to be true.

Always Keep Content Updated

Keeping your content updated with the latest information is a great thing to do and I didn’t mean to update the content everyday but when you get something new or you should update the content.

This will help google to understand the web page is not dead and there is someone working behind it to keep the quality to its maximum.

Image alt text

If you are using images on your page make sure you add the keyword in the alt text of your image because this will help to understand what you images is about and will help you to rank in google image search.

This is something I don’t personally do for optimizing the website on page because I think this to be over optimization.

Keywords in Images

Now that google is smarter they know to process an image and read what is in an image and you can take this as an advantage.

When you are creating a content make sure you add images with keywords in it because this will help you to optimize your website for better ranking. I have personally tried this but have found a significant change in ranking.

Web page load time

If your website is slow or if you are on a slow web hosting provider then just forget about your number one ranking on google because unless your website loads fast and server response time is fast enough you won’t be ranked on google.

There are many reason behind the low loading speed of your website. The problem starts from the server itself and sharing hosting are the worst example.

I would never host my website on a shared hosting because most of the shared hosting providers host the website on HDD server which is slow instead of the fast SSD hosting. If you are on shared hosting there are many more problems which will be faced when you start increasing traffic.

Content Length

If we look at good niches we can see that the average post lengths of the content for a single keyword is about thousands and i have even found that there are articles on web which even has near to sixty thousand words(People are crazy).

When ever i write a content I always make sure that the content length is more than a thousand words and it will be a well written researched keyword.

When google rolled out the panda algorithm they made sure that the low quality websites won’t make their way up in the search result. So a well detailed and lengthy content on a topic will give google the signal that page is worthy to be ranked.

The lengthy content will also increase dwell time on the website and maybe if you are smart enough you can interlink the content and decrease the bounce rate.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate just means that a user just leaves your website without visiting a second page. Personally i do not care about focusing on bounce rate and i only care about creating content that converts.

From my experience bounce rate doesn’t effect much on the ranking unless you have 100% bounce rate. A slow loading website will give you higher bounce rate which is bad.

In 2018 the last thing you should get worried is about your bounce rate and focus more on dwell time.

Dwell Time

So from what i understand dwell time as they say refer to the amount of time a user spend on a web page and this can be increased by adding videos and writing in depth content in a blog post.

I have did some experiments to increase dwell time and decrease it to see if it effect on my ranking and found that it has effect much more than i though.

Make sure you write engaging content to make the users to stick on the post for more time but make sure to focus on the aim why you are creating the content.

Bold the Keywords

If you look at my content you can see that i bold the keywords in the content for which i intent to rank and this is not for styling or to attract the reader but my main intention is to rank for the keyword.

For me this technique works pretty well and I have a check list of seo which i make sure to complete when I build a money site and bolding the keywords is one of them because i have tested this personally and have seen improvement in ranking and more visibility.

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