The Ultimate PBN Guide & Are they worth building it ?

This is an ultimate PBN guide that will teach you how to build your own private blog network step by step with no steps skipped. This guide will make you expert on using pbn to rank your website for any keyword. Keep reading and master the untapped google rank boosting technique.

What is a Private Blog Network (pbn)?

A private blog network is a network of High Quality Blogs which are build by Search engine optimizer’s to build High quality and relevant backlinks to the money site, A website that is intended to rank higher in the search engine result page to generate revenue.

A high quality PBN Helps to reduce web spam because of the high quality nature of the network. PBN Links are more effective than Normal backlinks like comment links, forum links, profile links.

The way it can boost your ranking in the search engine result will get you hooked to making new website, ranking them and generating revenue from your blogs.

Having our own pbn network is highly costly but its more effective than buying cheap backlinks from fiverr. I suggest you not to buy backlinks from fiverr for your money site as it of low quality.

Is Building a PBN Worth the Effort ?

Yes and no because of some reasons like it will give you high boost in ranking but its damn expensive to have a high quality private blog network.

Before building a private blog network let’s see the cost of building a single pbn yourself.

A single good domain will cost you around $50 – $100 if you are scraping yourself and using the premium tools like ahrefs, semrush, moz and majestic to check if the domain is spam free and the historical link building data of the thousands of domain that you scarped to find one good domain.

That is around $100 just for the domain and then comes registration which is $15 along with whois protection which is around 115$ for a single domain but that’s not it then comes hosting which will cost you from $2 to $5 per month that will cost you $24 – 60$ just for hosting a single domain

total cost of a single pbn = domain name + registration + hosting = 100+15+60 = $175.

If you are buying from a high quality domain sellers like PBN Master the cost will be from $150 to $2000 per domain name depending on the quality of domain names.

If you are planning to rent pbn links you can get a single homepage links just for 5$ per link per month so that means you can get 35 homepage link for 175$/month which is enough links to rank on google.

So buying pbn links is better than building a pbn network unless you have high amount to invest in it.

Does PBN Links cause website penalization?

According to google everything that you do to rank on google is against them. Guest posting to build links, comment links whatever it might be you can get a penalty. why would they let you to build links and rank on the first page when they are generating billions of revenue from google ads. All they need you to do is pay them and show your website on the top of the result.

There is two ways to get over this

  1. Build High Quality Links, rank and make money
  2. Keep Whining about google

I have to say none of my website has even experienced penalization because of pbn and i am pretty sure that it will never be effected by pbn. As you might know i have a team of people working PBN Master and we maintain certain standards when building a pbn.

This checklist that we make sure to follow when build a pbn keeps our network safe from google updates. The only way i got penalization is when i bought comment links from fiverr as a part of SEO Experiment.

How to find High quality pbn domain?

Everyone knows that finding the best expired domain that you can use to build your pbn is really difficult but not when you have a perfect guide like this. Here you will find different ways that we personally use to setup a pbn.

1. PBN Master Domain Marketplace

Not everyone is technical and can understand the complex software and scraping method to get the expired domain from the web. At PBN Master we have a dedicated team that works just to build high quality pbn network. so if you have a good budget and is serious about the quality of your pbn then you should check it out.

our pbn domains are not just based on third party metrics like ahrefs, moz or majestic we also make sure that the backlinks to the domain is gone though a manual check. Every domain that you find on our domain market place will always be great as it is manually reviewed.

2. Xenu Scraping

Xenu is a software that helps you to crawl website link that you add to the software and check the status of links and also the website that is linked from the url that you have added.

This is a really powerful tool that helps you to find high quality domains with large amount of backlinks from authority website which can be used as pbn domains.

if you need to learn more anout it you can check our pbn course

3. Auction Domain

There is a huge difference between Expired domains and auction domain. When you buy a domain and at the time of renewal you didn’t renew that domain what happens next? Does the domain expire instantly? No, it doesn’t expire but it will be pushed to auction market where people like me will bid on quality domains that has brandable name and high quality backlinks.

We buy this domains for a high price of $100 – $10,000 and add it to our tier 1 premium blog network and sell it to our customers.

you can go to any auction marketplace and get yourself high quality domain name for yourself.

How to host your private blog network?

When hosting a private blog network you will have to consider to buy a pbn hosting and not seo hosting. The reason for this is to avoid ip footprint that is caused when hosting on the similar ip.

I am a big fan of easyblognetworks and currently i am hosting half of my pbn network with them. I love their hosting because they are build dedicated for pbn. They give the lowest price and the high quality. Managing pbn is really easy with them.

The IP variation for hosting is really good and they never give same ip. When the pbns are deployed the ip is shared with other blogs which makes your network looks natural just like another blog.

The other way i use is cloudflare to mask the ip address of the hosting and host multiple website on a single web hosting. The advantage of this is that you can get unique ip for your pbn and at the same time you can save money on hosting.

Lets say If you are hosting 10 pbn on easyblog network it will cost you $25 but when using cloudflare it will only cost you 5$.

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