How to Start a blog?

This is a complete beginner guide on How to Start a blog and making your blog a success. In This step by step guide, I will be showing you how to start a blog even if you do not have a prior knowledge in this. Let’s get started!

Choose a niche to blog

This is the first step that you will have to think about before blogging which is selecting a niche to blog about.

Do you know what’s a niche?

Well if you don’t know what a niche is then I am pretty sure you are new to blogging and that is probably why you are reading this post.

I will tell you what a  niche is in simple words.

Let’s say if your website is about dogs and many other things related to dogs now we can say your website is a dog niche.

There is also another category which is Micro Niche blog. These blogs are really difficult to manage because they deal with a single topic which will be something like “Dog Food”.

The micro niche blogs can be only about niche inside a niche. The main problem of the micro niche blog from the niche blog is that you can scale the website and it is not great because you will get to know about that in the future.

I suggest you start a blog which has wider option to choose so that you can continue without much hassle.

So before we begin to ask your self Why do you blog and what is your core aim? Make Money, Brand Awareness, Increase website traffic or users,  get sales whatever it might choose wisely.

Buying a domain name

So if you are new to internet technology world you must surely be the thinking “what is a domain name?”

Well, let me explain you in simple words.

A domain name is something which looks like,,,, or it can be ending with .net, .org, .in or any extension which is available.

Guess what there is also emoji domains. Don’t buy emoji domain for your blog it’s a bad idea because of nobody types in emoji to your blog.

Before buying a domain name there are somethings that you have to remember. As you might have already chosen a niche that you need to start a blog on make sure you add the special word to your blog.

If you are starting a blog on cats, cat food and everything related to cats make sure your domain has the word “cat”. So your domain might look like, buy a domain which might be available.

If you are trying to build a personal brand like I am doing just buy a domain name in your name just like I have done for this blog.

Make sure you buy a domain which is rememberable by other because they need to come back to your website to read the information again or might want to get to you.

Now let us get to the part on How to buy a domain name

I would suggest you buy domain name from Godaddy  but make sure you don’t buy web hosting from GoDaddy them because trust me you will hate them after that because when I started blogging I bought hosting from them and guess what happened the website went down for more than one week and Godaddy is the most hated Shared web hosting provider because of the cheap quality.

What you have to do is go to Godaddy and you will see a place where you can search your domain name. Now what you have to do is enter the desired domain name and click search.

Right now you will be shown if the domain is available or not if the domain is not available to try adding some words to get an available domain.

I have searched a domain name but someone has already taken it so make sure you change the words and get an available domain.

Here is searched for a domain and it is available now when you find an available domain name what you have to do is click on “select” and add it to cart.

Now click on continue to cart and you will be taken to and new page and what you have to do is choose no thanks on Linux web hosting,

Next widget will show if you need privacy for your domain this means your email and phone number will be open to public if you don’t buy privacy for domain I suggest you do this because it a good thing and I have done it for my domain and even if you didn’t do it there is no such problem.

Next widget will ask you if you need an email address matching your domain and choose that option if you need it but I don’t suggest to buy from GoDaddy.

scroll down to the bottom and click on “continue with these options” and this will take you to the check out page where you will have to register an account and pay for the domain. I will not show you this because creating an account and paying is a basic thing that you have to do online.

Choosing The correct web hosting

Choosing the right web hosting is the next thing that you have to do when you need to start a blog and this is a tricky thing to do because Quality things come with a great price and cheap quality things come with a cheap price.

If you need really really good hosting you will need WordPress hosting like WPXhosting, Kinsta or WPengine because they are high price and also world class hosting when it comes to WordPress hosting.

The reason I choose them is that my main aim is to help people to get online and if I am not online then how can I?

It doesn’t mean that you have to do whatever I am doing because my aim and yours will be different.

You can choose shared web hosting because when you are getting started don’t even think of getting many users for the first year to your website because you need many things to make your blog a successful one.

So shared web hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator or Namecheap will be great for you to get started.

You can go to the right website and buy a hosting that you like I will write a detailed guide on this one day.

Installing WordPress CMS

So what is a WordPress CMS?

Do you know coding? well, most of the people don’t. if you know good for you.

So CMS just means content management system and WordPress means a content management system that is made to make a blog but with the ability to add plugins WordPress cms can be transformed into mostly anything that you can dream about as for the moment.

What you have to do is go to your web hosting panel and install the WordPress.

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