How to start Free Blog in Blogspot Blogger platform in 2018?

Are you looking on ways to start your blog for free? Well, this is a complete beginners guide to start a free blog using blogspot blogger platform plus you will also learn how to make money by blogging using blogspot blogger platform.

Follow this step by step method on how to start your free blog on blogpost for free

Create A Gmail Account

So Blogspot blogger platform is owned by google and to get started with blogspot you will need a gmail account. If you need a gmail account go to Gmail and create your own account.

Signup for Blogspot Account

After you have created a gmail account what you have to do is go to Blogger¬†and click on “Create your blog”.

After this you will be asked to login with gmail account now you will have to sing in with the email and password of your gmail account.

Create Blogspot Blogger Profile

Click on Create a Google+ profile and this will take you to create a Google Plus account which is need if you are a blogspot blogger.

Enter your first and last name and choose your gender and click on create profile.

Now click on the camera button and choose an image that you would like to set as your profile picture and click on save or if you do not wish do show your picture just skip this step.

Now you have successfully created your Google plus account for blogger and now click on continue to Blogger.

Creating First Blogspot blog

After you have logged in you will be taken to your blogspot blogger dashboard where you can create your blog.

Now click on “Create New Blog”

A window will popup before you just like this image

Now Lets create a blog in your name

Type Your Full Name as the title

and type in your full name without space as your address to get your blogspot name.

and choose a theme that you like from this. Don’t worry you can change this theme later. You can see a demo of this like i have done in the below image.

Now click on create blog.

Good Job your First Blog on blogspot blogger platform has been created.

Create Your First Page

Now you will have to create about page, contact page for your blog I will show you how to do this so people can know who you are and they can contact you easily.

Choose the page option in your blog. see the below image for reference.

After you click you will see an option called “New Page” Click on that and you will see a plain page with title and content section just like given below. In the place of title you can type in your page name and in the content section you can add links to your facebook page, email address and contact form as you like.

Now click publish and your page will be live and shown to your blog visitors.

You can do the same process for creating a blog post.

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